The fishing period:    1st of November- 30th of April

The  Black Sea shark( Squalus acanthias)- also called “ the sea dog”- is small compared to its peers from the oceans. The males, which have a length which can reach 1.5 meters, are smaller than the females with 20-30 cm. The body of the shark is grey-bluish, the back and the sides are pigmented with numerous bluish and  white spots. The shark is a fearful enemy of the  anchovies, the chubs, the blue herrings and of the other smaller fish which live in the Black Sea. The sharks  live by themselves, but, during the mating period  ( the end of February) they gather in small groups. What is interesting is that  the females give birth to offspring  that are alive, which have a length of 25-30 cm. The liver of the shark is used to prepare the medicinal oil, which is rich in vitamin A.