From July 2013 the Romanian Government approved for the first time the permission for the industrial fishing of  Rapana Thomasiana, an invasive species that has never been exploited.

The quantity  of this fish is huge, because it has not been  exploited so far, and the fishing plateau for the  rapana in the Black Sea is extended on a very  big surface.

At present in Romania there is no rapana processing factory , a situation that causes  all the captures to  be commercialized  100% as  export goods. Our company is interested in a collaboration on a long term in order to commercialize the rapana  and  also in search of  a partner  so as to open a rapana processing  factory in Romania.

The quantities of fishing rapana during the right season( May-November) accumulates quantities between 500-1000 tones/month.

We are addressing ourselves to those interested in our products both on the internal market as well as on the external  one, in view of long term collaborations. Furthermore, we ensure  the quality of the products which are kept in the best  conditions of temperature and depositing.

For us the  price- quality relationahip is very important, that is why we consider  that any collaboration with our company will be beneficial for both sides.