The fishing period: 1st of November -3oth of April

The turbot (Rhombus maeoticus)  has a weird form : it is flattened on the sides, the eyes are situated on the left  side of the head. If we look at a turbot, what we see above it, is its left side and not the back, because it usually lays on the right side. But the turbot has not been an  odd  fish since  its young  age. A perfectly symmetrical fish comes out of the egg, which, after two months , comes to have a flattened form.  The body of the adult  turbots is covered with small scales and bony big  “buttons”. It reaches almost 1 meter and a weight of 8-10 kg. Despite the  fact that, taking into consideration the aspect, it seems  to  be  a peaceful fish, the turbot is, nevertheless, a hunter which hunts anchovies, herrings and other small fish. The meat of the turbot is white and tasty.